The Ballapeno - 2004 AA San Antonio Mission

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Birthday: April 25
Home Town: Guanajato, Mexico
College: ACME University
Goals: Eliminate Puffy Taco, become baseball's most popular mascot, have a theme park created with me as the main attraction.
Hobbies: Hanging out with family, Dancing, Being mischievous, Riding motorcycles
Dance/Cheer Background: Three time "Breakdancer of the Year" by "The Taco Times"

Color: Green
Perfume: "Le Picante for Mean"
TV Show: "American Chopper", "Friends", "Survivor"
Actor: Carrot Top
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Movie: "Fried Green Tomatoes", "The Rookie"
Sport: Baseball!
Cereal: Cocoa Puffys

Childhood Lunchbox: The Veggie Tales
My Hero Is: The Spurs Coyote and Mission's broadcaster Stu Paul ('Hey! That guy's got some dance moves!')
I've never been able to: Figure out a way to get Puffy Taco fired so that I can run the chase... The Ballapeño Chase!
A really great evening is: A night with Junior watching our Missions win and Puffy Taco lose!!
Best Advice: "If the dog is still behind you, keep running!" and "If it don't make ya sweat, it ain't spice enough!"
I would like to travel to: Pamplona, Spain for "The Running of the Bulls".

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