Cynthia started with the United America Pageant System in 2009 as Mrs. San Antonio United America after years as a professional pageant choreographer and pageant trainer.  In 2011 Cynthia represented the State of Texas as Mrs. Petite Texas United America and won the crown of Mrs. Petite United America 2011 at the United America Petite National Pageant in October 2011.

Standing only 5'-0", Cynthia competed in the Mrs. Division for married ladies ages 21 and up.  The competition included on-stage personality, fashion modeling, evening gown and an optional talent and photogenic competition.  Along with being crowned Mrs. Petite United America 2011, Cynthia won talent performing a jazz dance routine to the song "Black and Gold" from the 2009 movie "Fame."

Cynthia was bestowed the prestigious title of Ms. Petite United America Ambassador at the 2012 National United America Pageant and was awarded the Community Service Award.  She was named Ms. Petite United America Ambassador again at the National United America Pageant in June 2013 where it was announced that it would be a life-time title.  Cynthia was awarded the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Cynthia will continue attending community and charity appearances, speaking engagements, and parades promoting worthy causes, charities and her platform "Standing Up Against Bullying."