Meet Mrs. Elite Beauty of Texas USA 2010
Cynthia Trinidad

Cynthia is married to Robert Trinidad and is a mother of three; Annette graduated from Norwich University in Vermont with two degrees, Jonathan graduated from Clark High School, and the princess Alana is eight years old.

Cynthia is a proud native Texan and is honored to represent her beloved state of Texas.  During her reign she will continue to dedicate herself to being a positive role model and mentor to many women and young ladies reaching for their dreams.  She will be making many appearances, speaking engagements, and volunteering many hours to charity and community organizations and events.

Mrs. Elite Beauty of Texas USA 2010's platform is:
"Raising a healthier generation"

"It is not the crown that makes the queen but the lady that is chosen to wear the crown and how she utilizes the honor to benefit her community."