Vanessa S. - 2009 San Antonio Roses

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Birthday: June 28
Height: 5'-8"
Home Town: San Antonio, TX
Former High School: John Marshall High School
College: Northwest Vista College
Major: Radiology
Goals: My goals are to pursue a medical career in Radiology and continue serving my community.
Hobbies: Dancing, Exercising, Reading

Food: Chicken Strips

My Hero Is: I have two groups of heroes. The first are my parents who have been very supportive of all my dreams and ambitions. The second are my brothers. Vince is my older brother and Jake is my middle brother. My two brothers have always been there to listen and guide me through all my decisions. I thank God for my heroes; my parents and brothers.

Three words that best describe me: Caring, Patient, King

Best Advice: My father has always given me great advise and one of them was that he taught me to be a leader and not a follower. I try to instill this advise in young children. I also encourage young adults to enroll in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteering Program. “Big Brothers Big Sisters has allowed me and those around me to witness what volunteering can do for everyone."

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