Jeannette C. - 2009 San Antonio Roses

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Birthday: December 29
Height: 4'-10"
Home Town: San Antonio, TX
Former High School: McCollum High School
College: Palo Alto College
Goals: To become part of a professional dance team so that I may continue living my dream of dancing for crowd enjoyment.
Hobbies: Dance, Shop, Hang out with my sisters, Dance, Spend time with family, Be involved in the community with Chuck E, and dance some more.

Color: Pink
Food: Ooo! I love all kinds.
Artist: Staind
Song: I Can Feel You All Around Me - Flyleaf
TV Show: One Tree Hill
Movie: The Notebook
Perfume: Fantasy - Britney

My Hero Is: My older brother. He's accomplished so much and still strives for me. A very responsible man that makes me proud to be a Castilleja.

Three words that best describe me: Achiever, True, Proud

Best Advice: To stay on top of your dreams and goals because they may be within your reach. With anything you do, put your heart into it.

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